Redefining Reconciliaton

Here is a worthwhile read written by Dr. Anthony Bradley about the church’s need to expand our thinking in regards to racial reconciliation.

His main argument is that reconciliation is more than just racial, and the approach that the church has taken to reconciliation (black and white people hugging each other, as he puts it) is very dated and does not reflect the growing ethnic diversity, nor does it address the less obvious reconciliation needed amongst people who are not divided over ethnicity, but class and culture.

While reconciliation does take on a traditional form (black and white) in some contexts, Dr. Bradley is right in saying that we must expand our understanding of reconciliation. I thank God for the pioneers of racial reconciliation. We must take what they have taught us and   adapt their teaching into our specific context, whether it is reconciling people across political, socio-economic, geographical or other lines that may not seem as obvious as skin color. This should not be at the expense of ethnic reconciliation, but it should be a reminder that reconciliation should address every way which we as humans identify apart from Christ and to bring it under subjection to Christ. (2 Corinthians 10:5).

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