Men Are Coaches

This is the final aspect of masculinity covered in our Men’s Leadership Training.  Men are Kings, Cultivators, Protectors, and finally, Coaches (Shepherds).

As men, God has made us to coach each other in being good Kings, Cultivators and Protectors.  Being a coach doesn’t mean having superior skill sets and abilities.  In fact, a lot of professional sports coaches can’t do what they expect their athletes to do.  But the reason they get paid to be coaches is because they can improve the team’s performance (or should).  They possess the knowledge and influence necessary to secure the team’s success, and this is what makes them good coaches.

Good coaching requires knowledge and influence.  You must have knowledge: something helpful and useful to bring to the table.  And you must have influence: there has to be trust.

Here’s where we can go wrong.  If we have some specific, helpful knowledge but aren’t personally invested in others, men won’t follow us.  They may benefit from our knowledge, but our influence will be minimal.  Nobody wants to follow a know-it-all.  Sure, a know-it-all may have good insight and information, but if he’s not willing to roll up his sleeves and get involved in the game, then he’s not a leader.  His knowledge doesn’t lead to influence—that’s poor coaching.

On the other hand, we may have a lot of influence but lack wisdom and knowledge.  Celebrities can be like this: because they are famous people look to them as examples, but many times their poor choices disqualify them from being true leaders.  A fool is a person who loves influence but hates knowledge.  He leads by charisma but lacks conviction and character.

As coaches, men are responsible for training and influencing other men.  One man’s input is necessary for another guy’s maturity and progress.  You don’t have to be an expert to be a good coach—you just need to see the potential for improvement and be willing to step in and make the necessary investment.

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