How God is Providing for Ctk Church in Amazing Ways

Hey Ctk friends!

I took some time to discuss this in my sermon last Sunday, but we need everyone to be aware of a great opportunity we have as a church.

As you are probably aware by now, Ctk church has been given a new church building in our neighborhood recently, and we are in the process of cleaning and repairing it now. We started raising funds for the new building project in Uptown a couple of months ago, and we are pleased with the way many folks at Ctk have responded. Yet we are still short by about $65,000.

I recently spoke to one of my ministry partners and he has generously offered to help us fund the building project through a matching grant! This is a huge blessing and an answer to prayer. Here’s how this works.

First of all, he will match every gift given to the building fund dollar for dollar between now and the end of August. He is essentially doubling every building fund gift!

Secondly, he will also kick in an extra $300 bonus for every new donor who gives a minimum $200 gift to the building project. The goal here is to get as many people as possible involved in giving to the project.

So here’s the bottom line: we are trying to get as many individual people as possible to give at least a $200 gift. The matching grant will kick in and multiply these gifts to more than $700 each.

I’m just blown away by how God has continually provided for our needs as a church time and time again. We’ve asked God for a building and the means to renovate it and he’s provided for us in amazing ways.

There are three easy ways to respond.

First, we have online giving available through Google Wallet. Simply click this link and you will be taken to our giving page through Google. Make sure to select “Fairview Building Fund” as the fund you are giving to.

Secondly, you have the option to mail in a check. If you choose to mail in a check, please indicate on the check “Fairview Building Fund” in the memo line so it goes to the right place.

The address is: Christ the King Church, PO Box 198029, Cincinnati, OH, 45219.

Thirdly, you can use an envelope to give at our worship gatherings. On the envelope, make sure to mark “Fairview Building Fund” on the envelope.

Its always cool to see the many ways God provides. Please join me in thanking God for his continual provision!



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