Ctk Church Has Moved!

333 Warner St. is the new home of CTK Uptown. God has graciously given us this wonderful facility, strategically placed in the Clifton Heights/University Heights/ Fairview neighborhood of Uptown.

We love being a part of the Uptown neighborhoods of Cincinnati! Our desire is to be good neighbors in our new neighborhood, and be welcoming to newcomers at CTK.

Gathering Times

We have two separate gathering times on Sunday mornings, 9:00am and 11:00am. Both times will offer the same worship format and have programming for ctk|kids.

Note: Service times are scheduled to be 85 minutes.  In case of an emergency you need to leave the sanctuary, please do not use the door by the stage (leading to the ctk|kids Check-In Area). You may exit in the back of the sanctuary.

Facility Layout Details

On-Site Parking Options

The above map shows all of the prime parking locations closest to the building reserved for CTK. Most of this parking will be reserved for our guests and parents of ctk|kids. Please respect reserved parking spaces for handicapped, guests, and ctk|kids, as well as traffic pattern arrows (as seen on map). Only a limited number of spaces will remain for everyone else. If you are able, please make plans to first try and find parking elsewhere (see Off-site parking map, page 5). 

(A) Upper Lot. This lot will have prime parking spaces reserved for guests. There will be a limited number of spaces in the rear of the lot and behind the building open to all.

(B) Drop-off zone. This area will be used as the loading area for the Shuttle. Anyone else may use it to drop off as well.

(C) Lower Lot. This lot will be reserved for parents of ctk|kids.

(D) Coon Street. This side street has about a dozen street parking spots reserved for CTK. Park on the fence side of the street in order to give our neighbors space to enter and exit driveways.

On days other than Sunday you are welcome to use the lot freely. However, it is important to know that early Sunday mornings (around 3:00am), a towing company will patrol the lot and tow any car parked in it, and they will tow you. We have this service to ensure that the lot is cleared for our use on Sunday mornings.

 Off-Site Parking Options

The above map shows the best options for off-site parking. These areas should be utilized by anyone capable of doing so. Please respect our neighbors by parking with courtesy (not taking up two spots, blocking driveways, etc.). This entire map represents parking options that are within a five-minute walk of 333 Warner St.

(A) Street Parking. Street parking in the neighborhood is variable but typically plentiful. Keep in mind Flora Avenue past 333 Warner St. is a dead end. Be mindful of all parking signs, fire hydrants, etc., in order to avoid parking tickets.

(B) Fairview Park. The park is a short walking distance from the building and provides street parking along Fairview Park Rd. Keep in mind, Fairview Park Rd. is a one-way street and is only accessible from W. McMillan St. at the far end of the park.

(C) Old Fairview German Language School. The Lower Lot of the building behind the former Fairview German Language School may be used by anyone serving on a Sunday Team, and is less than a five minute walk to 333 Warner St.

4 replies
  1. Alex
    Alex says:

    As a neighbor to your church, I would like to point out a couple of things with parking.

    -It seems you haven’t been around much during the school year. Street parking is typically NOT plentiful, and can be hard to find.

    -Follow posted signs, but DO park as close to driveways as possible, and know the size of your car. Many driveways can accommodate more cars between them, if you park all the way up to the apron. You will not get a ticket for this in Clifton, as long as the driveway itself is not blocked.

  2. Dan branch
    Dan branch says:

    My daughter is a freshman at UC this fall. Do you have anything set up for college kids to get to church. Is the church within walking distance and is the area safe? We found your church through the 9 mark association and would like for her to get connected. Thank you.


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