Ctk Health Fair, Saturday, April 13th

The Ctk Uptown Health Fair is only three days away, so here’s a few details to be aware of.

1. Purpose. The Health Fair is part of our Mosaic ministry that is reaching out to Cincinnati with Cross-Cultural Love. This fair is designed to care for the whole person, body and soul. On Saturday, we will serve our neighbors by providing basic health care, soul care, a meal, music, fun activities for kids, and more. We have literally truckloads of food to give away!

2. Volunteers. Some of you have signed up to be a volunteer and have been assigned to stations at the fair. If you would like to volunteer and haven’t signed up yet, we will be able to assign you a place to help on that day.

All volunteers need to arrive by 10:30am if possible, even if you can’t stay the whole time. Please park on the street or at Fairview Park so we can reserve our lots for people attending the fair.

If you would like more information about volunteering, please contact Kristen Holvey for details.

3. Mosaic T-Shirts. We have Mosaic t-shirts available for health fair volunteers. They will be $8 between now and the fair, and $10 after that. It’s a great way for guests to identify who the Ctk people are (and they look awesome!). If you would like one before Saturday, please message Michael Clary and I’ll take care of it for you.

4. Security. Since 333 Warner will have lots of guests here on Saturday, please be mindful about leaving phones, purses and other valuables laying around.

5. Canvassing. Some folks are meeting at 333 Warner on Thursday evening at 7pm to pass out flyers for the health fair. If you are available, please come and help!

5. Prayer. I have prayed about and set a goal this year for Ctk to develop relationships with 500 new people in Uptown, and this health fair is a big push towards that goal. Please join me in praying that God will lead us to meet lots of new neighbors on Saturday, and that these folks will hear the gospel and place their faith in Jesus.

I am very excited as we are nearing this outreach. God has provided so many things for us so far and I’m trusting him for great things!

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