Ctk Adding 5pm Service Starting September 15th

Since Ctk first started about three and a half years ago, we have enjoyed steady growth year after year. When God gave us a building at 333 Warner last year, we went to two services which helped make things more comfortable.

But you may have noticed that our seating has gotten really tight recently! We’ve grown quite a bit over the summer, and many new people are visiting every week. Recently, there were more than 350 in attendance, not even counting the folks from Fairview Baptist Church who meet in the basement and park in the side lot. And this Fall, many people will be returning from summer breaks and are preparing for the school year.

We have to take action to accommodate the growth.

Earlier this year, we decided to kick off the Fall with a new sermon series in the book of Philippians, a personal study guide to accompany the series, and a new push for City Group involvement. All this will happen on September 15th and will go for 10 weeks. The elders have decided that our best option moving forward is to start another service in conjunction with the other changes happening on that date.

On September 15th, Christ the King Church will begin a third worship service on Sundays at 5pm. Of course, children will be welcome at the service, but Ctk Kids ministry will not be provided. This service will be identical to the 9am and 11am services in terms of the content. This is a great opportunity to invite people to visit that may not be able to come on Sunday mornings due to work or other commitments.

In order to do this well, we need a couple of things to happen. First, we need people to commit to attending the 5pm service. Second, we need people to serve at the 5pm service. We want this service to have the same energy and quality as our morning services, and pulling this off will require a team effort.

So if you’re interested in helping pioneer this 5pm service by attending or by serving, please let one of the pastors know!

Finally, we see this new service as a chance to advance our mission to Uptown. Many people have schedules that prohibit attending church on Sunday mornings, and this is a great opportunity to serve and love our neighbors by welcoming them at a more convenient time.

Please be in prayer about this as we move forward, and trust God to continue to bless our church with health and growth.

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