Pastoral Residency Program at Christ the King Church

The church’s job is to replicate itself by making disciples and raising up leaders. When leaders are raised up and prepared from within a local church, they can be much more effective at real life ministry. That’s what CTK’s pastoral residency is all about. Our residency is designed to equip future pastors for a lifetime of ministry. Our residency lasts for 10 months (August through May) and requires about 15 hours of work every week. The residency has six key components.

Element. This is the foundation of our residency. Element is a discipleship training program that is built around the five core identities: worshipers, family, learners, servants, and missionaries. These five core identities are a summary of what it means to be a disciple. Every leader needs to be, first and foremost, a disciple of Jesus Christ.

Cohorts. The ministry residents at CTK go through Element together to process what they’re learning. No one gets to hide — everyone is held accountable to complete the work and deal with the heart issues that come up along the way.

Coaching. Every ministry resident at CTK is personally coached and discipled by a staff pastor. We meet bi-weekly to discuss ministry assignments they are working on, but also to be cared for by a pastor. This is important because ministry training can be an intense time where God exposes heart idols and sin patterns. As a result, the staff pastor has the relational context necessary to give evaluations for each resident and suggestions for growth and improvement.

Instruction. We have regular times of training in basic ecclesiology and ministry leadership, based on curriculum from Global Church Advancement. We discuss topics such as vision, prayer, worship, church planting, preaching, mercy and justice, evangelism, small groups, planning, discipleship, leadership, and priorities.

Experience. Of course, no training program is complete without actual ministry experience. Every ministry resident is expected to “own” and lead an actual ministry in the church. Our ministry residents have put on a men’s conference, led small groups, community outreach, prayer ministry, worship teams, welcome and assimilation processes, children’s ministry, and more. These are all the sort of systems that any healthy, growing church needs.

Assessments. The Holy Spirit does the work of calling a man to be a pastor. But the church’s job is to identify and affirm that calling. Each ministry resident receives a personal assessment from the staff pastors, which identify strengths, growth areas, and next steps.

If you or someone you know is interested in joining our pastoral residency program for 2015, send an email to and we’ll get in touch with you with more details.

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