To my Christian Friends of Color in Cincinnati

To my Christian friends of color in Cincinnati:
Many of you are having a hard week. Many people of color are unhappy with the results of Tuesdays election, and as I write this, Cincinnati is anxiously awaiting the verdict in the Ray Tensing trial.
Maybe you’ve reached the point of despair. Maybe you feel like this country is against you, the president-elect and his supporters are against you, and the police are against you. With all the media attention about how much evangelical Christians supported Donald Trump, you might even feel like the body of Christ is against you (or at least the white part of it).
I pastor a racially and politically diverse church in Clifton. Some on my church supported Clinton and some supported Trump. To oversimplify things a bit, this election felt like a choice between supporting abortion or supporting racism. This is agonizing because people who love Jesus should oppose both. But we weren’t given that choice in this election.
As Christians, we live out our faith in exile. Governments and politicians will not reflect the values of justice we cherish. Sadly, not all churches will either. But I can assure you, many churches in this city do value biblical justice. 
John Perkins said this:
There is no reconciliation until you recognize the dignity of the other, until you see their view — you have to enter into the pain of the people. You’ve got to feel their need.
I have sat in countless meetings with pastors and church leaders throughout this city who want just that. These leaders hunger deeply for unity, justice and peace. They want what you want. You are not alone. These faithful churches may not grab headlines, but they love you and are standing with you today.
As a pastor, I simply want to tell you this: you are loved. God has not abandoned you. And the church of Jesus Christ has not abandoned you either.
So my prayer for you today is that you will not give up hope. Our hope is in Jesus Christ. He died to bring a perfect Kingdom of truth, justice, and love. Even though the world and our city may be divided, may this truth unite Christians in this city today. 


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