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As we wrap up the three week sermon series on the Bible, we want to share some practical resources to help us understand and engage the bible as God’s living and active word.  Ben Reynolds shared most of these in his sermon “How Do I Benefit From The Bible?” on 12/18.  This posting is intended to supplement that message, and you can listen to it on our sermons page.

By no means is the list meant to be exhaustive, but it’s a solid place to start.  All of these resources are meant to help us understand God’s word and character more clearly, shape our beliefs, and drive us to worship Him.  If you have questions or feedback, drop Ben an email:

1. INFOGRAPHIC.  Here’s a chart of how long it takes to read each book of the bible.  This can encourage us to read entire books of the bible in one sitting!

2. YOUNG CHRISTIANS RESOURCES.  Whether you’re a child or a new believer, these books are refreshing and approachable to all ages and levels of insight.  Even if you have been a believer for a while, there is great value in hearing and understanding how to share gospel truths in simple, easy to understand language.  The books referenced below have stirred our hearts to the word and character of God.

Jesus Story Bible

BIG Picture Storybook Bible

THE Ology

3. VIDEOS. The Bible Project videos explain the story and layout of each book of the bible in a way that provides insightful context when we’re reading.  Try watching a video on a particular book (i.e. Hebrews), then read book for yourself.  These videos are free, and are an excellent and approachable survey of all the books of the bible.

4. AUDIO BIBLES. Audio bibles can be a helpful alternative or complement to reading God’s Word.  Listen to Gods word, or follow along with it while you read your bible.  This is a great way to keep a steady reading pace without getting caught up on concepts or foreign words.  There are several, including one on the CTK App.  Here’s a website with multiple audio options.

5. MUSIC. Music is a gift from God, and a dynamic way to learn and remember information and truth.  There are plenty of artists and music styles who have transformed God’s Word into songs that permeate our soul.

6. STUDY BIBLES. Study bibles provide quick reference to biblical concepts and context that scholars have spent years uncovering.  Study Bibles are particularly helpful when we study a handful of verses deeply.  One of our favorites is the ESV Study Bible.

7. CTK CINCINNATI APP (Available here). The App has a wealth of information for us as a church, including a bible reading plan and audio bible.  Download it today!

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