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Exposing Ministry Idolatry

The following is a guest post by former CTK Ministry Resident, Brian Siriwardena A few months back Michael Clary asked all the residents to choose a subject and write a blog post pertaining to that subject. I immediately chose the subject of how the Residency challenged my walk with Christ. It exposed my ministry idolatry. […]

Seminarian in CTK Residency

This guest post was written by Nathan Dean, CTK Ministry resident and seminary student. So, what’s a little extra reading? After all, a year of seminary was behind me and the CTK Residency sounded like a perfect fit for my second year plans. Indeed, the very timing and substance of it all was a wonderful answer […]

Ministry in Gospel Community

This is a guest post by Jason Hudson, CTK Resident and Worship Music Leader at CTK Mt. Washington. Struggle, Unity, and Coffee You can learn a lot from war…movies. Whether the enemy is the English, the Nazis, or zombies, one thing is true: nothing unifies like a common struggle. Even unlikely companions become as close as […]