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Resources for Getting to Know the Bible Better

Church family – As we wrap up the three week sermon series on the Bible, we want to share some practical resources to help us understand and engage the bible as God’s living and active word.  Ben Reynolds shared most of these in his sermon “How Do I Benefit From The Bible?” on 12/18.  This […]

To my Christian Friends of Color in Cincinnati

To my Christian friends of color in Cincinnati:   Many of you are having a hard week. Many people of color are unhappy with the results of Tuesdays election, and as I write this, Cincinnati is anxiously awaiting the verdict in the Ray Tensing trial.   Maybe you’ve reached the point of despair. Maybe you feel like […]

Is the CTK church planting residency right for you?

Christ the King Church has had an ongoing residency for future ministry leaders for the past several years. We’ve trained dozens of men for leadership and it has been a great success. Several people have gone out from our residency into church planting, staff ministry positions, and workplace vocations with a mission-mindset. So if you’re […]

Celebrating Six Years of God’s Faithfulness

This Sunday, Christ the King Church​ will celebrate our 6 year anniversary as a church. It’s been a wild, crazy ride. In January, 2010, about 35 people, meeting in the Corryville Rec Center, met for our launch service. We were hungry to see God do something incredible in our city. And he has. In those […]

CTK has been given ANOTHER church building!

In 2010, I led a team of people who love Cincinnati to plant Christ the King Church. In 2012, after two years of meeting in a Rec Center, Fairview Baptist Church voted to give us their building near the University of Cincinnati. The building has helped Christ the King Church grow and thrive in the Uptown area […]

Pastoral Residency Program at Christ the King Church

The church’s job is to replicate itself by making disciples and raising up leaders. When leaders are raised up and prepared from within a local church, they can be much more effective at real life ministry. That’s what CTK’s pastoral residency is all about. Our residency is designed to equip future pastors for a lifetime of ministry. Our residency lasts for […]

Time for the Sex Talk

As promised, the series in 1st Corinthians has some dicey sections that need to be addressed before we gather this Sunday. The next sub-series in 1st Corinthians is all about biblical sexuality. There are numerous potential land mines in this section of scripture so I want us all to be prayerful and open about what […]

How to Choose a Church Home

God’s “Plan A” for his Kingdom Mission God loves his church and he’s got big plans for her. The first place where the word church appears in the Bible is in Matthew 16:18, where Jesus says to Peter, “I will build my church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.” Jesus goes […]

Construction Updates

Demo started as scheduled on Monday this week. It’s amazing how much change two dudes with a sledgehammer and wheelbarrow can do. Dust is everywhere, but it’s easy to see how much more open the building will be when it’s all done, especially in the basement.    2. Tomorrow, they will begin knocking over walls […]